Terrier & Lurcher

The Cheshire Game & Angling Fair along with the the Merseyside Working Terrier & Lurcher Club (MWT&L) has a long tradition of offering high quality Terrier and Lurcher show class events.

This year Cheshire Game & Angling Fair will once again offer Terrier and Lurcher competitors ringside parking (on a first come basis), priority is given to competitors showing more than one dog. The ringside parking is accessible from the rears entrance ONLY to the show ground (signs for Peover Church) it’s closer to the showing and field events, in addition to the toilet and catering facilities that made the event comfortable for competitors and visitors alike.

The Cheshire Game & Angling Fair Terrier & Lurcher Activities

All Lurcher Racing events to take place in the morning 9.00am-12.30pm

This year as well as the normal show classes we will be holding the prestigious Countryman’s Weekly Champion of Champions qualifier one for the Terrier and one for the Lurcher section.

Entries for all Terrier & Lurcher showing classes taken from 9.00am, & showing starts 1.00pm

All Lurcher & Terrier Enquiries please contact Kevin on 07549 183165 or visit our Cheshire Game & Angling Fair contact page, where a member of the team will assist with any questions or enquries you may have.

Ring 1: Working Terrier Classes Ring 2: Lurcher Classes
1. Un-entered Lakeland Dog. 1. Smooth Dog Pup
2. Un-entered Lakeland Bitch. 2. Smooth Bitch Pup
3. Un-entered Russell Dog. 3. Rough Dog Pup.
4. Un-entered Russell Bitch 4. Rough Bitch Pup.
5. Un-entered Border Dog. 5. Bull Bred Dog Pup
6. Un-entered Border Bitch. 6. Bull Bred Bitch Pup.
6. Un-entered Border Bitch. 6. Bull Bred Bitch Pup.
7. Un-entered Fell Type Dog.
8. Un-entered Fell Type Bitch.
Terrier Puppy Championship Lurcher Puppy Championship
Class winners 1-7 Class winners 1-6
Terrier Classes (over 12 months) Lurcher Classed (over 12 months)
9. Lakeland Dog. 7. Smooth Dog Under 23”.
10. Lakeland Bitch. 8. Smooth Bitch Under 23”.
11. Russell Dog 9. Rough Dog Under 23”.
12. Russell Bitch. 10. Rough Bitch Under 23”.
13. Border Dog 11. Smooth Dog Over 23”.
14. Border Bitch 12. Smooth Bitch Over 23”
15. Fell Type Dog 13. Rough Dog Over 23”.
16. Fell type Bitch. 14. Rough Bitch Over 23”
17. Bedlington Dog. 15. Bull Cross Dog.
18. Bedlington Bitch. 16. Bull Cross Bitch.
19. Plummer Dog. 17. Veteran Lurcher, 7 years+
20. Plummer Bitch. 18. Matched Pairs.
21. Veteran Terrier, 7 years+ 19. Working Lurcher.
22. Matched Pairs.
23. Entered Terrier.
Supreme Champion: Class Winners 9-20 Supreme Champion: Class Winners 7-16


Ring 3: Purebred Sighthound Classes Bushing/Bashing Dog Classes
2. Whippet Bitch 1. Bushing Dog
3. Sighthound Dog (other than Whippet) 2. Bushing Bitch
4. Sighthound Bitch (other than Whippet)
Champion Sighthound; Class Winners 1-4 Champion Bushing; Class Winners 1-2

Terrier & Lurcher

Flickr Album Gallery Powered By: WP Frank
Here we have Lizzie as she goes head-to-head in the Cheshire Game & Anglign Fair 2011 Show. The race didn’t go as well as planned but this will give new and reuturning visitors a snippet of attractions available which are open to all visitors, so why not pop down to the Cheshire Game & Angling Fair 2016 on August 7th


Here’s another video of Rosie as she attempts her first scurry at the annual Cheshire Game & County Fair from 2013. This attraction is open to all visitors so why not pop down and give it a try? The Cheshire Game & County Fair 2016 is on 7th August. Video Credit Phil Okell