IMG_5057Starshoot is a fully mobile self-contained clay shooting unit. The idea of Starshot is to shoot one clay in each numbered segment in sequence from one to twelve, plus a simultaneous pair at the end to finish.

Exhibitor and owner John Bridges explains how Star Shot works “It’s quite simple, all you’ve got to do is shoot at and kill each target in its designated square with one cartridge more often than not using as short a barrelled skeet gun – 24½” the usual shotgun of choice. The only variation is that each target gets progressively faster as you move up from one to twelve to a degree you literally have to ambush the final four.”

All the scores are added up to include five points for each of the pair and if they hit them all the maximum score would be eighty eight.

Starshot is great fun for the serious shooter and is also ideal for the novice to “have a go” and because of its size; it is a serious public spectacle on any clay line.

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To give you a taste of what’s in store, here is a preview of 2012 Starshot Championships at Grange Farm.