Gundogs Scurries

Gundogs play an important role in many shooting sports. Whether hunting and flushing game, or tracking and retrieving, Gundog breeds come in all shapes and sizes, each specifically bred for a purpose. Despite having outstanding working pedigree, our Gundogs still like to have fun.

At the Cheshire Game and Angling Fair, you will be able to watch Gundog Demonstrations in the Main Arena by Kipperridge Gundogs or why not enter the Gundog Scurries yourself. We will be offering a verity of Gundog events that not only showcase the outstanding working characteristics of our Gundogs, but also are great fun for dogs and handlers alike.

The Gundog Scurries, provide exceptional have-a-go opportunities, and they are open to all dogs. Here’s what you can expect from this years Gundog events at the Cheshire Game and Angling Fair…

Up and Over

A fast and furious scramble to bring back a Single seen thrown dummy from the back of the course which is approximately 60 meters in length consisting of a number of jumps made up of Straw Bales. When the Dogs collected the first dummy then a second dummy is placed in the same area which your Dog then has to collect. The collective time for the 2 dummies is the time recorded.

The Water Scurry

This event is always a popular one for all water loving gundogs. The competition requires One Marked (seen) dummy to be retrieved off the Lake,

Land and Water

This scurry simulates something you would have to handle every day when out on a shoot. Your dog will be required to retrieve Two dummies, One Marked (seen) retrieve off water then a Blind (unseen) retrieve on land this will be with shot, (starting pistol)

The challenge in this scurry is that your dog will have to retrieve them in the correct order. The (Seen)Water retrieve first then the (Blind) retrieve off Land. This will give you and your dog the chance to show off your quality training,

The Partridge Pen

This Scurry simulates a retrieving situation that a Gundog may be expected to make during the shooting season.

The handlers, will have a total of Three dummies to retrieve, Two’ Blind and One’ Seen thrown when the dog is able to mark them. The pens are approximately 2.5m square, and about 0.75m high. Gundogs must be able to jump into the pens to make the retrieves, but don’t worry if your dog struggles to jump, as we have put a ‘spaniel friendly’ entry point along the bottom of one of the sides for smaller and novice dogs. However, there’s no finer sight than a dog getting some ‘big air’ as it leaps from the pen!

Although simple and straightforward, this can also be one of the most frustrating of Gundog scurries, Inches can seem like miles when all that stands between the dog and the dummy is a couple of millimetres of plastic mesh, and no apparent way in!

Cheshire Game and Angling Fair Challenge

It has Two classes Junior (16 years and under) and Open.
Open incorporates all Four events that are on offer and the Junior incorporates Three of the events (Not the Partridge Pen) the dog that completes all the Events in their class in the fastest time, over the day, will become the Cheshire Game and Angling Fair Gundog Challenge Champion.

Tests my vary subject to what type of land is on offer.

Gundog Scurries

Start 9.30am and last entry is 3.30pm Presentation approximately 4.30pm.
Entry cost for all the individual Scurries is £2 per go all proceeds to Charity.
Awards and prizes will be given for 1st, 2nd, 3rd places.

The Cheshire Game and Angling Fair Gundog challenge entry is £10 for Open and £5 for Junior to enter.
Prizes for both Open and Junior

1st Place – Trophy for 1 year. FREE family admission ticket for the 2020 show, Rosette + Prizes.
2nd PlaceFREE family admission ticket 2020 show + Rosette + Prizes.
3rd PlaceFREE family admission ticket 2020 show + Rosette + Prizes.

The Rules

  • No Bitches to be run in season.
  • There is no limit on the number of entries – however should the organisers feel that excessive competing of a dog may be injurious to that dog’s wellbeing, an entry will be declined.
  • The fastest dog over each event wins & Rosettes and Prizes will be awarded for 1st 2nd 3rd place before the show finishes.
  • Dogs maybe kept on leads or held till you are ready.
  • Once the dog crosses over the line, the steward will start the clock and it runs till the dog returns back over the line with its final retrieve and delivered to hand when the clock will stop, Stewards decision final.
  • Any dog that ‘runs in’ will be disqualified.
  • A time limit of Three minutes will be allowed to complete the test.
  • Full set of rules are on display at the entry tent & at each scurry point.
Water Results
1st Place 1st – Pete Leslie With Esma
2nd Place 2nd – Fiona Hodskes With Sarah
3rd Place 3rd – Deb Stec With Biz.
Bales Results
1st Place 1st – James With Gunner
2nd Place 2nd – Dominic Maw With Remy
3rd Place 3rd – Tony Bryant With Skye
Double Results
1st Place 1st – Keith Walsh With Will I am.
2nd Place 2nd – Roger Groves With Musto
3rd Place 3rd – Julie Walsh With Perdy
Partridge Pen Results
1st Place 1st – Tony Bryant With Skye
2nd Place 2nd – Shannon With Redd
3rd Place 3rd – Domanic Maw With Remy
Peover Game Fair Test ‘Will-I-AM’ Gundog Trophy Results (Trophy Held For 12 Months)
1st Place 1st – Tony Bryant With Skye
2nd Place 2nd – Keith Walsh With Will I am.
3rd Place 3rd – Roger Groves With Musto


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