The Falconry Tent at The Cheshire Game & Angling Fair has everything to do with the UK’s most beautiful Birds of Prey.
Here, you will be able to get up close and personal with some stunning birds, belonging to Phil & Nanette of Vale Royal Falconry who will be joining us again this year.

Phil & Nanette passion is ‘educating people about these British Birds of Prey, their habitats, and providing a greater insight into the ancient art of falconry which shows in their demonstration. They will be bringing along with them a variety of birds of prey such as Hawks, Falcons, Eagles, Owls, Vultures.

So why not come along to the Falconry Tent and you may even get the chance to have a hold too!

The Falconry display in the Main Arena is a fantastic place to discover more about these beautiful creatures & watch them in flight.

For more information please visit www.valeroyalfalconry.com


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